Alam Nusa and Spa

Massage :

Restaurant and Bar Alam Nusa Huts & Spa

Traditional Massage

A restoring and calming massage experience, combining acupressure, skin rolling and percussion strokes. This is a traditional massage, which has been passed down through many generations

(Duration : 30 minutes - 1 hours) - inquiry

Restaurant and Bar Alam Nusa Huts & Spa

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Exotic Hawai Island with its tropical nature full of beautifull nuances, has some massage techniques that apply rhithmic gentle pressure all over the body followed by firm strokes on the nucles. This massage use unique aromatic oil and extremely relaxing, leaving your skin soft and supple. The treatment simulates the skin and muscle, balances and distresses the body and restores metal alertness for a complete sense of well being.

(Length of treatment: 1 hours) - inquiry

Restaurant and Bar Alam Nusa Hut's & Spa

Reflexology Massage

Awakening our connection to the earth a deeply relaxing from of healing foot massage. Reflex points are gently simulated to clear the energy lines throughout the body

(Length of treatment: 45 minutes) - inquiry

Restaurant and Bar Alam Nusa Hut's & Spa

Swedis Massage

Use light pressure in long, gentle strokes with the whole hand

(Length of treatment: 1 hours) - inquiry

Siatzu Massage

Is an Japanese massage stroke using firm down warm pressure with the thumbs on the head, face, shoulders, back, leg and foot this massage not use oil.

(Length of treatment: 30 minutes) - inquiry

Combination Massage

It is combined of traditional massage, Lomi-Lomi, Swedish and Shiazu Massage

(Length of treatment: 1 hours) - inquiry

Spa Treatment :

Lulur Indonesia Therapy

This treatment, designed for kings and queens in java and Bali in ancient times, exfoliate the skin. Ingredients used are rice herbs, sandalwood, frangipani, herbal oil and others. This treatment will make your skin smooth and soft and its combined with a traditional massage followed by a scrub, application of yogurt onto your body and flower full bath with ginger tea served on the side for maximum relaxation. This treatment is completed with application of a very special mousturizer all over the body. 100% relaxation guarantee

(Length of treatment: 1,5 hours) - inquiry

Balinese Boreh Therapy

Unique treatment especially performed in the island of the Gods sice centuries. The native Balinese developed this treatment for healing muscle pain or exhaustion and was created for both men and women to restore general health vitality and fressness. Physical fatique is relieved and deep relaxation induced. The treatment consists of a massage combined with a body mask composed with ingredients such us clove, pepper, cinnamon and chili powder. After application of the mask over your body, you will be covered in a blanket to active the mask ingredients, while your head face will be given a light massage for maximum relaxation. The therapeotic by the body and leave your skin warm and fress.

(Length of treatment: 1,5 hours) - inquiry

Facial Treatment :

Seaweed Facial Therapy

Deep cleansing treatment combined with a special massage, created to give you maximum comfort and relaxation. This treatment utilizes Two Type Of Seaweed. Worl famous Nusa Lembongan Seaweed is dried and ground in a mortal and pestle. Then mixed with water for island scrub. A misture of sea mineral and salt, plants and seaweed, renowed as a nature skin softener is imported from Australia. Vitamins essential for skin care are administered via this treatments.

(Length of treatment: 1 hours) - inquiry